What is Respitality?

Respitality is an on-going service for parents and primary caregivers of special needs children, teens and adults by providing a link to bring the
hospitality of New Hampshire hotels and inns (and Massachusetts
) to these parents who deserve a break from their demanding daily routine.

The program provides an opportunity to strengthen the family unit in a unique way and enable parents to refresh their lives in the comfort and relaxing ambiance of a host hotel while their
family member with special needs is being given
the special care that they require.

Respitality has been active in New Hampshire since August 1993 and has provided a wonderful evening stay at a host hotel to over 4,500 parents during the past twenty years.  Hotel and Inn partners have graciously donated one or two overnight stays per month, always on an availability basis,
and many include breakfast.

Respitality addresses a major area in all of our lives and that is stress, primarily maintaining mental health.  We know being a parent is one tough job and with a special needs individual to care for,
24 hours a day, 365 days a year,
it becomes even more of a challenge. 

Parents have enjoyed being able to spend their Respitality time with their loved one, to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, to take a much needed day of solitude or to relax and pamper themselves.  The Host Hotels and Inns have received many letters and cards expressing these parent's words of
gratitude for this very special "Gift of Time."

Respitality is and continues to be a very important part of these parents' lives.



Respitailty is a registered trademark of Respitality by Design, LLC.